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Dill Pickles are by far the most popular variety of pickle in North America . Dills were originally made only with fresh dill weed, commercial manufacturers began adding dill oil . There are a number of varieties of dill pickles.

German-Style Dill Pickle - which is unfermented and uses vinegar or lemon juice instead of Brine.

Kosher Dill - Which originated with Jewish immigrants from Russia and other slavic countries in the 18th Century. It is made by combining kosher salt, dill, water, garlic as a brine .The pickles were naturally soured in wooden barrels through the process of lacto-fermentation.

Half Sours: This process starts out the same way true fermented kosher dills do, but the cucumbers are removed before fully souring.

Full Sours: Cucumbers left to reach their full fermentation potential are known as "full sours".

Fresh Packed - Most pickles at the grocery store are fresh packed. The term fresh pack implies that the pickles are preserved using a traditional canning technique in a traditional brine made with vinegar, salt, sugar, herbs, spices.

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