Pumpkin Preserves

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    Nostalgic housewife cooking pumpkin

    Pumpkin Preserves can best be described as a cross between pumpkin butter and traditional preserves made with assorted fruits. They have a more solid - jelled consistency and frequently have more flavoring agents and spices amended in. This particular recipe is very basic and fairly simple. It is open to adaptation to suit your tastes. Other suitable spices and flavorings can be added in.

    4 lbs Pumpkin

    3 Lemons

    4 lbs Sugar

    1/2 tsp Salt

    1 tbs. mixed spices *

    * I prefer just cloves and cinnamon- but some use ginger and nutmeg also

    Wash pumpkin. Remove thin outer skin and pumpkin seeds. Cut pumpkin into bite size chunks.

    >Weigh and mix with sugar. let stand overnight in a cool place.

    Add thinly sliced lemons, salt and mixed spices (tied in spice-bag).

    Boil until the pumpkin is clear and the syrup is thick.

    Pour, boiling hot, into jars; seal at once.

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