Lemon Marmalade Recipe


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3 lemons

1 Orange

1 pkg. Fruit Jell PectinFruit Jell Pectin for Lemon Marmalade

6 cups sugar

Cover 3 lemons and 1 Orange with water and boil until soft.

Cut fruit in half and remove seeds and skin.
Measure pulp.

Grind rind or cut in thin strips until you have 3/4 cup pulp and rind and sufficient water In which fruit was boiled in -- should equal 4 cups.

Add 1 package Fruit Jell Pectin to this and bring to a rolling boil.

Then add 6 cups sugar, stirring until dissolved.

Boil 2 minutes. Skim off Scum. Put into sterilized jars.

A variation of this recipe calls for a grapefruit instead of an Orange. I've used it in the past and prefer a pink grapefruit as the standard ones impart a slight bitter taste which requires more sugar to mask.

*Marmalade is a fruit preserve, made from orange or other citrus fruit, sugar, and water. Some recipes include some amount of peel and zest, which imparts a sharp, bitter taste from the bitter citrus oil.

NOTES ON LEMON MARMALADE: This takes less than 2 hours to make. It's incredibly tart so don't skimp on the sugar.