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25 Melon Varieties to Try Out

25 Rare, Unusual and some common varieties of Melons to try in your backyard Gardens. Full Article

Lemonquats compared to other Citrus Fruits


Not too long ago I stumbled upon a unique little citrus tree known as a Lemonquat, although in some circles it is called a sunquat or lemon drop. It's a tasty little citrus that can be devoured rind and all. The rind is a tad sweet and the flesh is a tad tart, not as sour as a lemon but certainly a contender. Full Article

Compact Tomato Plants Full Size Tomatoes

Dwarf Seed Project

Like most vegetable gardeners I at times find myself plagued with a lack of space, so many things to grow and such limited space. Tomato plants can be cumbersome so far as the space they consume. There are however a number of dwarf tomato plants that will produce full size fruits. Tomatoes that weigh in the ballpark of a pound each. Full Article

Sea Shore

Sea Shore Vegetable Gardens

Your standard all American vegetable garden does not fare well at the ocean side. The winds are at times very strong, too heavy for most plants. The soil structure is degraded by persistent exposure to ocean salts. The sodium draws moisture from plants and burns roots as it leaches nutrients. But you can still grow many common vegetables as well as some not so common ones down by the sea shore. Full Article

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